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Phra That Phra Lo :

Phrae Province: Phra That Phra Lo
    The province of Phrae is one of the oldest existing communities in the North Thailand region and is situated some 550 kilometers from the capital city of Bangkok. More....


Fabric Weaving Village:

Phrae Province: Fabric Weaving Village
        Located in the northern part of Thailand, Phrae is the one of the most prosperous and economically developed provinces in the entire country famous for its lucrative coal mines and other industries. Apart from these, there is one aspect that symbolizes Phrae province, which is the art of making the Tin Chok Fabric. More....



Phrae Tourist Attractions :

Mae Yom National Park

    Situated in Song district some 48 kilometers from the provincial town of Phrae, Mae Yom National Park is probably one of the most beautiful national parks in Thailand.


     It is known to contain one of the densest forests in the country. Located along the banks of Yom River, Mae Yom National Park is highly renowned for its picturesque surroundings, pristine environment, comfortable weather, some beautiful landscapes and exquisite wildlife.

      Spread over an area of 455 square kilometers, Mae Yom National Park is the 51st National Park in the country. Geographically, high mountain ranges are present on both the eastern and western sides of the park. The great Yom River traverses between these mountain ranges. In fact, several streams and gullies originate from these mountain ranges and flow into the Yom River. Present in and around these mountains are forests that are moist evergreen, hill evergreen, mixed deciduous and teak.

       Since the Yom River flows through this park, most part of the land is fertile and is extremely good for the growth of a wide variety of plants. Some of the plants present here are of tremendous economic importance. One can observe vast expanses of land covered with teak wood trees that grow here naturally. The park is also known to be the habitat for several animal species that include elephants, barking deers, mountain goats, Asiatic black bears, and wild boars. Some important tourist attractions that are present inside the park include Dong Sak Ngam that contains a group of large and beautiful teak trees growing along the Yom River; Kaeng Sua Ten, which is an island on the Yom River, and Lom Dong, which is a 100-meter big natural water resource present on top of a mountain.

       The best time to visit the park is the between the months of November and February when the weather is cool and pleasant. In fact, it would be truly a delightful experience to see the flowers bloom during the months of February and March. Interestingly, camping is permitted inside the jungles. However, you have to bring your own tent and food.  

Mae Yom National Park, Phrae Tourist Attractions






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