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Mae Yom National Park :

Mae Yom National Park, Phrae Tourist Attractions
    Situated in Song district some 48 kilometers from the provincial town of Phrae, Mae Yom National Park is probably one of the most beautiful national parks in Thailand. More....

Phrae Province: Wiang Kosai National Park

Wiang Kosai National Park  :

           Situated on the banks of Yom River, the beautiful province of Phrae is one of the most ancient provinces of Thailand that is well known for its significance in the history of Thailand. Until recently, Phrae has remained elusive to the outside world. More.




Phrae Province:

Phra That Phra Lo 

    The province of Phrae is one of the oldest existing communities in the North Thailand region and is situated some 550 kilometers from the capital city of Bangkok.

     Spread over an area of 6,538 square kilometers, this province offers several interesting tourist destinations that have remained largely unexplored till date. One such place is the Wat Phra That Cho Hae.

      Situated at Tambon Pa Daeng, 8 kilometers from the Phrae town, Wat Phra That Cho Hae is a major religious site in this province. Believed to have been constructed during the Sukhothai period, this Buddhist monastery is known for its impressive Chedi. The height of this Chedi is 33 meters and is constructed in the Chiang-Saen style. Width of each side of the Chedi is 10 meters. The entire Chedi has been built using bricks and covered with bright brass sheets that resemble the color of gold. Enshrined in this Chedi is a holy relic of Lord Buddha.

       The name of this temple “Cho Hae” has been derived on the basis of the fine silk cloth that was woven in the Sip Song Parma, a prominent Kingdom that was located in southern China. This cloth was provided by the villagers as a token of offering when the temple was being constructed in order to wrap the Chedi.

      The best time to visit this temple is during the month of March. In this month, hundreds of devotees throng to this place for an annual fair that is celebrated in the temple so as to worship the pagoda.

Phrae Province: Phra That Phra Lo





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