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Mae Yom National Park :

Mae Yom National Park, Phrae Tourist Attractions
    Situated in Song district some 48 kilometers from the provincial town of Phrae, Mae Yom National Park is probably one of the most beautiful national parks in Thailand. More....


Phra That Phra Lo :

Phrae Province: Phra That Phra Lo
    The province of Phrae is one of the oldest existing communities in the North Thailand region and is situated some 550 kilometers from the capital city of Bangkok. More....



Phrae Province:

Wat Luang 

    Situated on the banks of Yom River, Phrae is one of the ancient provinces of Thailand whose history dates back to the Haripoonchai Kingdom of the Mon.

     Apart from its historical importance, Phrae is also a religiously significant province. Phrae is known for its unique blend of temple architecture where the traditional Lanna architecture is present along side Burmese and Laotian temple architecture. One such temple that provides an ample glimpse into the history and architecture of Phrae is the Wat Luang.

     Located on the Kham Lue Road inside the city of Phrae, Wat Luang is an ancient and one of the most important religious sites in the country. It is believed to have been constructed during the same period when city of Phrae was established. Since then, this popular Buddhist monastery has been renovated several times. At present, Wat Luang contains a large Chedi that is constructed in Chiang Saen style. Enshrined in this Chedi is a holy relic of Lord Buddha that is believed to have been brought over from Myanmar. Another attraction inside Wat Luang is a large viharn whose walls have been richly decorated with exquisite carvings and murals depicting the life of Lord Buddha. Present inside the temple is Phra Chao Saen Luang, a highly sacred image of Lord Buddha.

      Inside the premises of Wat Luang, a museum is present that houses some of the antiques that were collected during archaeological excavations and represent the history of this province. Some of these antiques include 500-year old statues of Lord Buddha, an ancient Lanna-style wooden structure and other articles that were used by the people of Phrae during ancient period.

Phrae Province: Wat Luang






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