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Maps Of Samut Songkhram

Samut Songkhram Map

Bang Kung Camp  :

Samut Songkhram Travel Guide : Bang Kung Camp
      Bang Kung Camp is a historic site, which is worth visiting when you go to Samut Songkhram. The camp was a Thai navy campsite and according to the royal chronicles, the camp has a lot of importance attached to it.  More....

Wat Phet Samut Worawihan :

Samut Songkhram Travel Guide : Wat Phet Samut Worawihan
        Wat Ban Laem, situated in Samut Songkhram town, has a rich and interesting history. Centuries ago the temple was called Wat Si Champa. According to historical evidence, Phetchaburi was attacked by Burmese army in 1764.  More....



Samut Songkhram Travel Guide :

Chang-Eng Siamese Twins Memorial  

        The province of Samut Songkhram is around 72 kilometers from Bangkok and it hardly takes an hour to reach it. You will be amazed at this beautiful province, which is full of ancient historical sites from early Rattanakosin period that are worth exploring.


        The province, today, is known for its fertile land where you can get fresh vegetables and variety of seafood. But Samut Songkhram has a lot more to offer than just sitting in a restaurant and enjoying authentic Thai cuisine.

        We all know that Siamese twins is somehow associated with old Thailand but going to Samut Songkhram, you will be able to find out the real story. In Samut Songkhram, there is the Chang-Eng Siamese Twins Memorial, which tells the story behind the moniker Siamese twins. The memorial and museum is located in Lat Yai subdistrict, around 4 kilometers from the Samut Songkhram city hall. The memorial is the statues of Chang-Eng, the Siamese twins, who are held responsible for getting Thailand famous in the 19th century. The statues are surrounded by beautiful green trees and vibrant flowering plants making it a serene and peaceful place for relaxation. In front of the statues is a beautiful pond.

        Chang-Eng, the Siamese twins, were born on May 11, 1811 in Samut Songkhram. The twins were joined at the chest region. Captain Coffin and Hunter came to Mae Klong to do trade in 1828-1829 and this was time they had the fortune of seeing and meeting the twins. They were truly amazed by what they had seen as prior to this they had never seen conjoint twins. They took Chang-Eng back with them to America for shows. The shows became very popular where story of their lives were told and enacted. Chang-Eng lived till the ripe old age of 63.

Samut Songkhram Travel Guide : Chang-Eng Siamese Twins Memorial





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