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Maps Of Samut Songkhram

Samut Songkhram Map

Chang-Eng Siamese Twins Memorial :

Samut Songkhram Travel Guide : Chang-Eng Siamese Twins Memorial
     We all know that Siamese twins is somehow associated with old Thailand but going to Samut Songkhram, you will be able to find out the real story. In Samut Songkhram, there is the Chang-Eng Siamese Twins Memorial, which tells the story behind the moniker Siamese twins. The memorial and museum is located in Lat Yai subdistrict, around 4 kilometers from the Samut Songkhram city hall.More....

Bang Kung Camp :

Samut Songkhram Travel Guide : Bang Kung Camp
      Bang Kung Camp is a historic site, which is worth visiting when you go to Samut Songkhram. The camp was a Thai navy campsite and according to the royal chronicles, the camp has a lot of importance attached to it.  More....



Samut Songkhram Travel Guide :

Wat Phet Samut Worawihan 

        Wat Ban Laem, situated in Samut Songkhram town, has a rich and interesting history. Centuries ago the temple was called Wat Si Champa. According to historical evidence, Phetchaburi was attacked by Burmese army in 1764.


        This attacked prompted the villagers from Ban Laem village in Phetchaburi to flee and form a new settlement in Mae Klong subdistrict, which was just north of the then-called Wat Si Champa temple. The villagers named their new village Ban Laem after their former village in Phetchaburi and decided to restore the Wat Si Champa temple and rename it Wat Ban Laem.

        The primary occupation of the villagers of Ban Laem is fishing, and that is why the story that how Buddha image was enshrined in the temple is very interesting. It is believed that the villagers went fishing to Ao Mae Klong and ended up netting two Buddha images. One image was that of seated Buddha while the other was standing Buddha image. The seated Buddha image was taken to Wat Khao Takhrao in Ban Laem district of Phetchaburi while the standing Buddha image was enshrined in Wat Ban Laem.

        Initially Wat Ban Laem was small temple but during its renovation, it started attracting hordes of people who came here to pray and bestow offerings, which ended up making the temple popular. This soon led Wat Ban Laem to be promoted to a royal temple and it was renamed Wat Phet Samut Worawihan.

        Within the compound of the temple is a museum called Sangha Museum. The museum has displays of beautiful Buddha images, artifacts, porcelain, amulets belonging to many different eras as well as a pulpit from the Ayutthaya era.

        To visit the temple and the museum, you have get permission from the temple abbot in advance.

Samut Songkhram Travel Guide : Wat Phet Samut Worawihan






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