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Maps Of Si Sa Ket

Si Sa Ket Map

Sra Kampaeng Yai Khmer Ruin :

Si Sa Ket Travel Guide: Sra Kampaeng Yai Khmer Ruin
        Sra Kampaeng Yai Khmer ruin is one of the biggest and best preserved ruins from the Khmer period in Si Sa Ket Province. If you are eager to see this ruin, all you need to do is make your way to Wat Sra Kampaeng Yai which is located Sra Kampaeng Yai district of the province..More....

Taleng Khmer Ruin :

Si Sa Ket Travel Guide: Taleng Khmer Ruin
      While roaming around Taleng Khmer Ruin, you will find many lintels. Most lintels have the same depiction of the Hindu God Indra riding his 3-headed elephant, Erawan. However, one lintel shows something completely different. It shows 7 sages sitting in a line meditating. More....



Si Sa Ket Travel Guide:

Somdet Sri Nagarin Park 

        Si Sa Ket Province is located in the northeastern part of Thailand, bordering the country of Cambodia. The area was once very prosperous both culturally and historically during the Khmer reign. Today this province attracts many visitors not just for the history and culture but also for its natural beauty.  


        Si Sa Ket has always been on the itinerary of people visiting Thailand. This is primarily to see the near-perfect Khmer ruins found in the region. In addition, the province has a rich diversity of parks and forests which are worth exploring. The most famous park in Si Sa Ket city is Somdet Sri Nagarin Park sprawling over an area of 93.70 acres.

        Somdet Sri Nagarin Park is famous for its beautiful hill and two streams, Huay Poon Yai and Huay Poon Noi. The two streams converge in the northern part of the park. The park is covered with Lamduan trees which bloom in March and fill the park with a beautiful fragrance. In addition, you can relax and have a picnic in the well-manicured garden or besides the large pond in the park.

        Every year between March 15 and March 17, the Dok Lamduan Festival is held in Somdet Sri Nagarin Park. This festival is famous all over the province and attracts throngs of locals and foreigners who want to know more about the culture of the ethnic groups. A cultural performance is put up by the local Khmer, Suay, Lao and Yer tribes. You can also purchase beautiful handicrafts and local produce besides getting to know more about the history of Si Sa Ket.

Si Sa Ket Travel Guide: Somdet Sri Nagarin Park






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