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Maps Of Si Sa Ket

Si Sa Ket Map

Sra Kampaeng Yai Khmer Ruin :

Si Sa Ket Travel Guide: Sra Kampaeng Yai Khmer Ruin
        Sra Kampaeng Yai Khmer ruin is one of the biggest and best preserved ruins from the Khmer period in Si Sa Ket Province. If you are eager to see this ruin, all you need to do is make your way to Wat Sra Kampaeng Yai which is located Sra Kampaeng Yai district of the province..More....

Huay Tap Tan Khmer Ruin :

        Si Sa Ket Travel Guide: Huay Tap Tan Khmer Ruin
        Huay Tap Tan Khmer Ruin is made up of three stupas. The stupas are made from bricks and rest on a foundation made from laterite. It is believed that there were 4 gates leading to the stupas but unfortunately today you can see only one gate, which is on the southern side..More.



Si Sa Ket Travel Guide:

Taleng Khmer Ruin 

      Si Sa Ket City in the province of Si Sa Ket was part of the Khmer Empire between the 10th century and the 12th century. It was earlier known as Muang Khukhan town which was promoted to a city during the Ayutthaya period in 1759. The name of the town was changed from Muang Khukhan to its present name in 1938.


      Si Sa Ket Province is spread over an area of 8,839 square kilometers and is sub-divided into 14 districts and 6 sub-districts. It is around 517 kilometers from the capital city of Bangkok.

      The province is an extremely popular destination with people and visitors who want to know more about Khmer ruins. Here you can find 12 ruins from the Khmer period and one such ruin is Taleng Khmer Ruin.

      When visiting this Khmer ruin, you will see just a single stupa with a rectangular base. The stupa is facing east. Although today, it is a really a ruin with just the front wall and a few side walls, you can still make out the original door in the front. In addition, you can see three other doors, which are false doors as seen in many Khmer constructions. The front door is guarded by pillars which are beautifully decorated.

      While roaming around Taleng Khmer Ruin, you will find many lintels. Most lintels have the same depiction of the Hindu God Indra riding his 3-headed elephant, Erawan. However, one lintel shows something completely different. It shows 7 sages sitting in a line meditating.

      From the architectural and art styles found at Taleng Khmer Ruin, it is believed that it was constructed somewhere between 1017 and 1087.

Si Sa Ket Travel Guide: Taleng Khmer Ruin





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