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Maps Of Suphan Buri

Suphan Buri Map

Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan :

     Suphan Buri Travel Guide : Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan
        Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan is located on the banks of Tha Chi River. The temple has the royal insignia of King Rama V, which shows that it is a royal temple. According to historical records, before succeeding to the throne, King Rama V was a monk and it was during that time More....


Wat Khae :

Suphan Buri Travel Guide : Wat Khae
        You can also see other ancient items in the temple that include a brass bell, a boiler made from brass that the monks used to boil dye for their robes, and a bookcase, which was given to the temple by King Rama V in 1869. More....



Suphan Buri Travel Guide :

Phu Muang Forest Park 

    Phu Muang Forest Park is spread across an area of 690 acres in Chorakhe Samphan subdistrict of Suphan Buri Province in Thailand. The park is around 40 kilometers from Mueang District.


        Phu Muang Forest Park is covered with mixed deciduous forest and bamboo trees, which make it an ideal home for small fauna like squirrels, tree shrews, rabbits, wolves and palm civets. The park is also home to a number of different species of birds.

The park offers many attractions and some of them are listed below:

  • Ancient Elephant Stockade: There are around 3 stockades or kraals in the forest park spread across an area of 4 acres. According to estimates, the elephant stockades are nearly 1,500 years old.
  • Laterite Base of a Dvaravati Building: The royal family members used to catch wild elephants to train them for war and other activities, including religious ones. The laterite base is believed to be that of a building where religious ceremonies used to take place before the hunt for catching wild elephants used to begin.
  • Phu Muang Waterfall: This waterfall is five-tiered and flows past the elephant stockade and the ancient laterite foundation. Around the waterfall is lush green forest with different types of trees, especially cycads with their huge pinnately-compound leafy fronds.
  • Nature Trail: The Park has a 1.5-kilometer long nature trail that takes you through the forests. This trail is worth taking as it gives you a complete close-up of the beautiful natural scenery that the forest presents to visitors.   


Suphan Buri Travel Guide : Phu Muang Forest Park





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