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Udon Sunshine Fragrant Orchid Farm  :

Udon Thani Travel Guide : Udon Sunshine Fragrant Orchid Farm
        Udon Sunshine Orchid was the first in the world which was used to make perfume. And when you visit the farm, you can purchase the perfume. If you want you can also buy the perfume from the local shops.More....


Wat Pa Ban Tat  :

    Udon Thani Travel Guide : Wat Pa Ban Tat
      Wat Pa Ban Tat is truly an anomaly for its surroundings. However, it is these surroundings that give it its uniqueness. The temple is home to one of the most revered Buddhist monks of Thailand, More.



Udon Thani Travel Guide :

Wang Sam Mo Forest Park 

        Wang Sam Mo Forest Park was made into forest park in January 1984 and covers a huge area. The forest park is spread over an area of more than 7,400 acres and is covered with deciduous dipterocarp forest. There are many creeks in the forest which flow right around the year ensuring that the forest is lush green and verdant.


        Wang Sam Mo Forest Park is home to many small wildlife like the Malay flying lemurs, palm civets and green pigeons. You should visit Wang Sam Mo Forest Park if not for its beautiful landscape, flora and fauna, then for all the many other attractions that the forest park has to offer.

        Wang Sam Mo Forest Park has a large pond called Wang Yai which is full of water right round the year. A creek flows into pond making it an ideal place to have a picnic or just relax with your friends and family. You can even enter the pond to go whitewater rafting, fishing or just paddling.

        Just 800 meters from Wang Yai are rapids that flow against large boulders forming beautiful waterfalls that are worth seeing. This rapid is called Kaeng Mon Noi and 100 meters from this rapid is another multi-tiered rapid called Kaeng Hin Hom. The roar of this rapid is so loud that it can be heard from a distance, especially during the rainy season.

        The forest park is around 120 kilometers from Udon Thani town and is easily accessible. Although there is no provision of accommodation in Wang Sam Mo Forest Park, you can carry your tent and camp overnight. However, in order to camp you do have to get permission before hand.

Udon Thani Travel Guide : Wang Sam Mo Forest Park





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