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Maps Of Uthai Thani

Uthai Thani Map

Tham Khao Wong Forest Park :

Tham Khao Wong Forest Park : Uthai Thani Tourist Attraction
     Spread over an area of 6,730 square kilometers, the beautiful province of Uthai Thani is located about 219 kilometers from the capital city of Bangkok. More....

The Uthai Thani Old Town 

The Uthai Thani Old Town :
      Considered as the home to some of most endangered animal and bird species on the planet, Uthai Thani is one of most ancient and flourishing provinces of Thailand. One can get a glimpse of the history and development of Uthai Thani province by visiting the old city of Uthai Thani.  More....



Uthai Thani Tourist Attraction :

Ko Thepho

    Situated in the northern part of Thailand is the beautiful province of Uthai Thani, a region widely known for its rich natural resources and diverse wildlife habitats.  


      There are several interesting places around this province that make Uthai Thani a must-visit tourist destination in Thailand. One such tourist attraction is Ko Thepho.

     Ko Thepho is a beautiful isle present between the Chao Phraya and Sakae Krang Rivers that flow through the province. Chao Phraya River is considered to be the largest waterway in Thailand that originates in Nakhon Sawan and merges into the Gulf of Thailand. Sakae Krang River is one of the tributaries of this river. Both these rivers converge in the southern end of Ko Thepho.

      Ko Thepho is an interesting destination for travelers who love to explore the surroundings on a bicycle. A marked bicycle route of approximately 33 kilometers starts from Ko Thepho and ends at Tha Sung. Throughout the entire length of this route, one can get a glimpse of lifestyle, customs, traditions and habits of the local people of Uthai Thani. Both sides of the track are bamboo forests interspersed with corn and rice fields, thus providing a serene and splendid atmosphere. Major crops in this region include Manorom, Khao Taeng Kwa and Mafai. Turnips are also widely cultivated in Ko Thepho and are exported to several places inside and outside the country.

     Boats are available on rent in Ko Thepho for the convenience of tourists who would like to enjoy a ride on Sakae Krang River.

Ko Thepho : Uthai Thani Tourist Attraction




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