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Maps Of Yasothon

Yasothon Map

Wat Song Yae Catholic Church  :

Yasothon Travel Guide : Wat Song Yae Catholic Church
       Wat Song Yae Catholic Church is located in the village of Ban Nong Song Yae and all the villagers there are Catholics. The church has a long history but interesting history. More....


Wat Maha That :

    Yasothon Travel Guide : Wat Maha That
        Wat Maha That is one of the holiest symbols of Yasothon Province. This beautiful and ancient temple is home to Phra Buddha Boonyarat, also known as Phra Kaeo Yod Nam Kang. This is a Buddha image in meditation posture and it is built in the Chiang Saen style of art. The Buddha image was gifted to Yasothon's first mayor by King Rama III. More....



Yasothon Travel Guide :

Rocket Festival of Yasothon 

        Rocket Festival of Yasothon Province is one of the biggest festivals of the northeast and it is held during the second weekend of May every year. The festival is held at Phaya Taen Park in Yasothon.


        There is logic behind the Rocket Festival of Yasothon. You may not believe it but it is a fact. The festival is held to please the God of Rain, Phaya Tan. There is a belief among the people that if the God of Rain is pleased, then he will be generous with the rain and the rice harvest will be bountiful. Basically the Rocket Festival marks the start of the rice growing season in Thailand. Rocket Festivals are held all over Thailand but out of all them the one in Yasothon is the biggest and the grandest.

        Each rocket used in the Rocket Festival of Yasothon is decorated in traditional Thai decorations with gold. Each rocket head is decorated differently but the most common decoration is that of a serpent spewing out water. It is believed that the rocket makers spend months to make each pattern before finally making the rocket. There are many different kinds of rockets used for the festival but the most popular ones are Bang Fai Kilo, Bang Fai Muen and Bang Fai Saen. Bang Fai Kilo contains one kilogram of niter while Bang Fai Muen contains 120 kilograms.

        Before the rockets are launched, there is a parade full of fun and festivities. Thereafter, the rockets are launched from the ground. As the tradition goes, should any rocket fail to launch, the owner of the rocket is tossed into a pool of muddy water.

        In order to get a feel of the festivities and enjoyment during the Rocket Festival, you have to be present in Yasothon. No words can describe the feeling.

Yasothon Travel Guide : Rocket Festival of Yasothon





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