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Maps Of Yasothon

Yasothon Map

Wat Song Yae Catholic Church  :

Yasothon Travel Guide : Wat Song Yae Catholic Church
       Wat Song Yae Catholic Church is located in the village of Ban Nong Song Yae and all the villagers there are Catholics. The church has a long history but interesting history. More....


Yasothon Buddha Footprint   :

Yasothon Travel Guide : Yasothon Buddha Footprint            Rich in history and culture, Yasothon has many beautiful temples and building. However, one of the most revered temples of the province is Wat Phra Buddha Bat Yasothon, situated in Ban Nong Yang. This temple is popular for Buddha Footprint enshrined there.
The Yasothon Buddha Footprint is located on a white sand dune..More...



Yasothon Travel Guide :

Wat Maha That 

        Wat Maha That is one of the holiest symbols of Yasothon Province. This beautiful and ancient temple is home to Phra Buddha Boonyarat, also known as Phra Kaeo Yod Nam Kang. This is a Buddha image in meditation posture and it is built in the Chiang Saen style of art. The Buddha image was gifted to Yasothon's first mayor by King Rama III.


        However, the Buddha image is not the only attraction of Wat Maha That. Right in front of the Ubosot, you can see a stupa, which is known as Phra That Yasothon or Phra That Arnon. Inside the stupa, the ashes of Phra Arnon are interred. The stupa was built around 1778 and it is in Lao style of architecture. The stupa has a square base and the base is nearly 81 meters wide on either side.

        The Wat Maha That also has the Library for Buddhist scriptures. The pavilion of the temple is used as the library and the scriptures are stored in shelves, chests and cradles which are all located in the terrace surrounding the pavilion. The pavilion was built during the reign of King Rama IV and King Rama V.

        Wat Maha That has another stupa called Phra That Kong Khao Noi and it is located amidst paddy fields. It was built in the late Ayutthaya era in Khmer style of architecture. This stupa was built by man who wanted forgiveness after he killed his mother in a fit of rage after his mother did not bring enough food for him to eat during lunch.

Yasothon Travel Guide : Wat Maha That





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