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Maps Of Yasothon

Yasothon Map

Yasothon Buddha Footprint   :

Yasothon Travel Guide : Yasothon Buddha Footprint            Rich in history and culture, Yasothon has many beautiful temples and building. However, one of the most revered temples of the province is Wat Phra Buddha Bat Yasothon, situated in Ban Nong Yang. This temple is popular for Buddha Footprint enshrined there.
The Yasothon Buddha Footprint is located on a white sand dune..More...


Wat Maha That :

    Yasothon Travel Guide : Wat Maha That
        Wat Maha That is one of the holiest symbols of Yasothon Province. This beautiful and ancient temple is home to Phra Buddha Boonyarat, also known as Phra Kaeo Yod Nam Kang. This is a Buddha image in meditation posture and it is built in the Chiang Saen style of art. The Buddha image was gifted to Yasothon's first mayor by King Rama III. More....



Yasothon Travel Guide :

Wat Song Yae Catholic Church 

       Wat Song Yae Catholic Church is located in the village of Ban Nong Song Yae and all the villagers there are Catholics. The church has a long history but interesting history.


       Initially it was located in a small hut and thereafter it was rebuilt a few times. According to historical records, the current building is the fourth time it was rebuilt and this happened in 1947.

       In 1908, five families came to Ban Nong Song Yae, which was then a verdant forest, after being banished from their village for being zombies. Here in the middle of the forest, these families met Father Dechanel and Father Ombrocio. They pleaded with the priests to cast the evil out of them and the priests complied. This prompted the 5 families to turn into Catholics and they settled there. More people started migrating to this tiny hamlet and finally in 1909, a small hut was built where mass and service started taking place.

       Today, the church is quite impressive and can easily seat over a 1000 people. Unlike churches that you see in the West, Wat Song Yae Catholic Church is built in traditional Thai architecture. It is made from wood and it is 16 meters wide and 57 meters long. Nearly 80,000 wooden planks were used to make the roof along with 360 piles made from wood. The floor is also made from wood, namely Malabar ironwood and Jamba.

       The bell tower is also constructed in Thai style of architecture and the diameter of the cylindrical tower is 2 feet. The bell tower is not connected to the church and stands alone looking very impressive.

Yasothon Travel Guide : Wat Song Yae Catholic Church





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