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Best Time To Visit :
The best time to visit Thailand is from December to March, because the weather is at its finest in Thailand. The peak seasons are August, November, December, Febuary and March, with secondary peak months in January and More....


Do & Dont' In Thailand



Thailand Travel Information 

    Thailand is known to be one of the best travel spots in the world by million of travelers each year.


            Why do visitors love Thailand? Perhaps travelers are enchanted with rich and colorful culture, breathtaking natural beauty, and renowned hospitality.

            Thailand is a diversified country culturally and geographically. North of Thailand offers beautiful scenic of mountainous landscape, while southern Thailand is known for its amazingly attractive beaches and islands in the world.
            Culturally, Thailand is full of interesting history and culture. Unlike other countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand has never been colonized. Although most of the population in Thailand is Buddhism, Islamic influence in the south and Chinese influence in the North add diversity and intrigue to the country. Today, travelers can still find traditional ways of life in many parts of the country.

            Night life of Thailand is known to be wild and exciting. There are many Go-Go bars in major cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. If you are in Thailand for a limited amount of time, it is a good idea to check out cabaret shows in Thailand. They are absolutely enchanting.

What To Do In Thailand:

            There are tons of tings to do and see in Thailand. One of the greatest things about Thailand is that you can do a lot of fun things without paying a lot of money such as diving and snorkeling, paintball, gold, and bungee jumping, and shopping.

            Over the past decade, Thailand is known to be a heaven of alternative medicine and medical tourism. If you are looking into Cosmetic surgery, laser sight correction, or cosmetic dentistry, you can have these well-done operations at the fraction of the cost.

Thailand Travel Information




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