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Arranged Marriage In Thailand

Arranged Marriage In Thailand :
Arranged marriages are relatively common in several parts of Asia including Thailand. Generally these traditional arranged marriages are carried out based on the decision of the parents, who choose the spouses for their children. More....

The Royal Ploughing Ceremony 
The Royal Ploughing Ceremony ::
The Royal Ploughing Ceremony is the annual ploughing ceremony which is celebrated every year during the month of May and is presided over by the King of Thailand. The ceremony More....

Do & Dont' In Thailand



The Wai -- Traditional Greeting Of Thailand

    In Thailand, Wai is not just a gesture to greet people, it is also a sign of respect.

      It is a gesture that is used to demonstrate the importance of Thai values and attitudes. Some believe that is one of the most important social customs of Thailand.

       In Thai society the use of Wai publicly demonstrates the superiority rule. When two people meet, the socially “inferior” person takes on an inferior position while the socially “superior” person assumes a physically superior position.

Types of Wai

         There are different types of Wai to show respect in different degrees. While greeting a person in Thailand using a Wai, one usually joins the palms together. However, the degree of respect comes from bowing of the head. The lower the head is bowed, the greater the respect.

  • If the Wai is done with the hands close to the body with the fingertips reaching the neck level but not above the chin, it means that the greeting is either between equals or strangers who are still not aware of each others social positions.
  • A socially superior person will return the greeting to socially inferior person by joining the hands and keeping them close to the body with the fingertips reaching the neck level. The head will be kept either straight or slightly inclined.
  • If the head is bowed and the fingertips are just above the tip of the nose, it means that the socially inferior person is showing respect to a socially superior person.
  • When one lowers the forehead to the base of the thumbs and the body is also bent at the waist, it means that the respect is being accorded to the King, monks, temples, spirit houses and statues.

         In Thailand, the Wai is used to greet people, thank them and also to say goodbye. For an outsider, it can be very confusing. Therefore, if you are visiting Thailand, the best advice you can get is to Wai when someone else Wais you, or else you can smile and nod your head.

The Wai -- Traditional Greeting Of Thailand






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