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Traditional Thai Wedding :
     A traditional Thai wedding is one of the most important aspects of Thai life and culture. Wedding ceremonies in Thailand are extremely grand and elaborate. More....

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Thai Culture And Customs :

    The country that was formerly known as Siam is known for its rich and long history.

      Thailand is one of the few countries in the world where modern times has not had any effect on its traditions and culture. Culture Of Thailand has traditionally be handed down from one generation to the next. More...

The Wai: Greeting Of Thailand

The Wai -- Traditional Greeting Of Thailand

       In Thailand, Wai is not just a gesture to greet people, it is also a sign of respect. It is a gesture that is used to demonstrate the importance of Thai values and attitudes. Some believe that is one of the most important social customs of Thailand. More...


Nang Yai: Shadow Puppet Show Of Thailand

Nang Yai -- Shadow Puppet Show Of Thailand

      Nang Yai is one of Thailand’s dramatic art forms. It combines a number of artistic crafts together in order to entertain the audience. Nang Yai is believed to have originated in the Sukhothai era. However, there is evidence that it was present even during the Ayutthaya era during the reign of King U-Thong. More...


The Crafts Of Thailand

Crafts Of Thailand

      In 1976, Queen Sirikit of Thailand established a foundation with the idea of giving Thais living in rural Thailand alternative means of income and also for reviving the traditional crafts of Thailand. More...



Buddhism In Thailand

Crafts Of Thailand

          The Thai are highly religious people. Most Thais are Buddhist and as a result Buddhism plays a predominant role in their lives. More...



Traditional Thai Music

Traditional Thai Music

         Thailand has a rich and varied cultural heritage. Traditional Thai music is not just popular in Thailand and Southeast Asia. More...




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