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Set And Thailand Stock Market
S.E.T And Thailand Stock Market :
     The Stock Exchange of Thailand, also known as SET, is the national stock exchange of Thailand and it is located in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. The indices of the SET are SET index, SET 50 Index and SET 100 Index.More...

Tax In Thailand 

Tax In Thailand :
If you are thinking of taking up a job in Thailand, it is important that you educate yourself on the tax system in Thailand. This means that you need to know more about how employees are taxed in Thailand and the only way to gain this knowledge is through reading.More...


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Thailand Real Estate Industry Analysis


Because of Thailand’s fantastic weather, fine food and fabulous beaches, property investors are making a beeline to Thailand to look for new opportunities away from the saturated European and Caribbean markets.

Thailand’s real estate market is incredibly diverse and you can buy high end villas in Phuket or purchase a luxury condominium in Pattaya. The choice is yours. Now even the island of Koh Samui is fast becoming a popular destination as the island’s infrastructure is developing rapidly and word of its natural beauty is spreading.

Although, most real estate investors still prefer Bangkok as a key investment location as the prices are affordable and offers a much better value when compared to the real estate markets of Singapore and Hong Kong.

In the last decade or so Bangkok’s residential property market has diversified tremendously and now the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis is just a distant dream. You can find beautifully luxurious condominiums in the center of Bangkok for just third of the price compared to similar condominiums in Hong Kong. This makes real estate investment in Bangkok a cheap option in terms of US dollar value.

Phuket is the place where international investors and developers are heading egged by the already thriving property market and the marine industry. However, the prices of real estate in Phuket are still attractive enough for buyers and investors to recognize the potential of the growing economy along with an international lifestyle and breathtaking natural beauty.

A few years ago Koh Samui had housing that was made up of modest developments aimed at the long term travelers rather than those looking for high investment returns. However, things have changed now and Koh Samui is experiencing fast paced development and it is now considered as a lucrative investment opportunity. Now you can find many large scle commercial projects and gated residential developments in Koh Samui along with medium and high end hotels and range fine dining restaurants. Real estate investors are no longer looking for raw land purchases. They have shifted their focus to finished properties.

Thailand’s property bubble burst in 1997 during the Asian financial crisis. The real estate market had cooled down tremendously but now it is picking up and there is a remarkable growth potential for the real estate industry in Thailand.


Thailand Real Estate Industry Analysis


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