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About 20th century Thai literature :
      Thai Literature has an extensive history and culture. Thai literature has always been influenced by Indian literature. The national epic of Thailand is Ramakien, which is a Thai adaptation of Indian Ramayana. All the kings of Chakri Dynasty have been eminent writers and poets. Thai literature greatly flourished under the patronage of these kings.More....

Type Of Thai Poetry :
      Poetry in Thailand is thought to have appeared during the Sukhothai period. There are many Types of Thai Poetry. Classical Thai poetry can be divided principally into five types: Khloong, Chan, Kaap, Kloon and Raay. Every type has a distinct style and a definite rhythm. Khloong and Raay are believed to be the original Thai forms of poetry, while the remaining are adapted versions. More....



Learn To Write Speak Thai :

   If you are planning to visit Thailand, learning basic Thai conversation can enhance your experience in Thailand. Though there are a lot Thai people who can speak English, Thai people always are impressed a foreigner who can speak a little Thai.


            Rapidly Learning Thai Language is easy. Why? Because, the studies show that native Thai speakers use only about 2,500 distinct words and phrases on daily basis. The key to speed learning Thai language is to studying these building blocks.

            Thai is a tonal language. Proper pronunciation is crucial in Thai conversation, especially if you are a foreigner. The same word with different tones has different meaning in Thai. It may feel a bit strange when you start learning Thai, especially for English speakers. Some foreigners may think that Thai is impossible to learn. Just like everything else in life, if you will practice it for awhile, everything will soon fall in place.

            The best way to learn Thai is by listening. Check out our Free Download Thai Language Course to learn basic Thai Conversation before you visit Thailand.

Thai Language :

     Linguists classify Thai language as a Chinese-Thai branch belonging to the Sino-Tibetan family. In Thailand, there is the standard Thai, which is taught in schools as well as used in everyday life, and there are different dialects of Thai which are spoken in the northern, northeastern and southern parts of Thailand. More... Thai Language :


Simple Thai Convesation :




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