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Sukhothai Province:

          Sukhothai Province is certainly the most enchanting tourist spot in Thailand. Acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Sukhothai is situated on the lower northern region of the country. It is an ancient region famous for its magnificent temples, splendid monuments and amazing environs. Sukhothai has a rich history and traditions and was one of the most powerful, religious and prosperous kingdoms during ancient times.

          Ramkhamhaeng National Park is the biggest tourist attraction in this region. This park is famous for its elusive wildlife, lush forests, mystic surroundings, towering cliffs, ravishing waterfalls. There are several museums and shrines that unfurl the history, culture and traditions of the region to the visitors. Prominent among these are the Phra Mae Ya Shrine and Sangkhalok Museum. UNESCO has declared The Sukhothai Historical Park as a World Heritage Site. There are several places of interest inside the park that aptly describe the Thai history.  This park is definitely worth a visit. The Si Satchanalai Historical Park is another popular destination. This place is located on the banks of Yom River and contains numerous glorious ancient monuments and temples. More...

Sukhothai Demographic Data

Capital: New Sukhothai
Area: 6,596.1 km²
Ranked 31st
Inhabitants: 593,264 (2000)
Ranked 41st
Pop. density: 90 inh./km²
Ranked 49th
ISO 3166-2: TH-64
Governor: Wanchai Suthin
(since November 2006


Sukhothai Tourist Attractions:

  • The Royal Palace
  • Wat Mahathat,
  • The Ramkhamhaeng National Museum
  • The Ramkhamhaeng Monument
  • Wat Si Sawai
  • Wat Traphang Ngoen
  • Wat Traphang Thong
  • Wat Chana Songkhram,
  • Wat Sa Si
  • Wat Mai
  • San Ta Pha Daeng (the Deity Shrine)



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