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Trang Province:

         Trang province is famous of its beautiful islands, white sandy beaches and abundant coral reefs. Trang province is located in the southern part of Thailand, at the western shore of Andaman Sea. In Trang province even rubber plants were grown by Phraya Rasdanupradit Mahissara Phakdi who got the rubber seedlings from Malaysia. Once upon a time, Trang was also a seaport for the western coast of Thailand.

             Just one kilometer outside Trang town is a monument of Phraya Rasdanupradit Mahissara Phakdi, an important ruler of Trang who first started the cultivation of rubber in Trang. Close to the monument is a lagoon, Kraphang Surin, where one can just go and relax. More...

Trang Demographic Data :

Capital: Trang
Area: 4,917.519 km²
Ranked 44th
Inhabitants: 595,110 (2000)
Ranked 40th
Pop. density: 121 inh./km²
Ranked 36th
ISO 3166-2: TH-92
Governor: Anon Manatwanit
(since November 2006)



Trang Tourist Attractions:

  • Ko Muk Island
  • Tham Morakot Cave
  • Hat Yong Ling and Hat San Beach
  • Ko Kradan Ilsand
  • hat Pak Meng Beach
  • Ton Te Waterfall
  • Koh Lao Liang Island
  • Kon Takiang Island
  • La Khao Kop Cave


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