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Date Thais for marriage tips

Date Thais for marriage tips :
When you meet someone of the opposite sex in Thailand there are a few things to remember. First off, you should remember that the girls can touch the guys, but the guys can’t touch the girls.More....

Learn Buddhism Religion Facts in Thailand : Meeting Friends Through Religion 
Learn Buddhism Religion Facts in Thailand :
Religion is a good way to meet friends who have the same faith as you do. The national religion in Thailand is Buddhism. It makes up about 95% of the population. The other 5% are made up of Catholics More....

Do & Dont' In Thailand



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Combine Western & Asian Shopping : Making Friends In Thailand

Asian Shopping, Asian Clothing :

          There's more exciting about meeting a new friend from another culture than blending those cultures such as combing Western & Asian shopping together to make friends. Unfortunately for some people, making friends during adulthood is very similar to making buddies in high school, in the regard that having a killer wardrobe only helps matters. Have all of your new neighbors in Thailand as your friends in no time by letting them in on great secrets of how the Westerners shop. If they are lucky, maybe they'll be able to get a great pair of capri pants shipped over.

Marshall's & Ross Dress For Less:
          What separates Marshall's and Ross Dress For Less from Target is the fact that Target largely carries the Mossimo label, while the aforementioned is home to such covenated brands as Express, Seven 4 All Mankind, One, XOXO, Guess, Baby Phat and J.Lo. What's better is there's none of that seventy, eighty dollars stuff like the big department stores. Prices for tops,designer bags and brand name jeans vary between $2.99 and $50.00.

Payless Shoe Source:
          This isn't your mother's Payless, just check out the Times Square flagship store which can likened to a Saks Fifth Avenue for us frugal fannies. Payless has revamped it's image in the last five years. The shoes actually look like something you'd wear out in public and not just as the dyed cloth shoes that you wear while working in the garden. The winter boots at Payless have become a big seller, and this summer the chain is experiencing success with its line of wedge sandals (those are platforms for those '70's babies).

          Let's talk prices, of course with the new image came increased prices. Payless is no longer cheap, but they're about as cheap as you can get about as cheap as we're going to get and they're beyond reasonable for the higher quality of shoes. There's never anything above $29.99, which is reserved for the store's most adored shoes. Payless' is the proud papa of the frequent BOGO promotion, which the Payless recognizes as Buy One Get One half off. Offering an opportunity to get more shoes, bags and socks for less. Payless is just one in a series of chains that's saving credit ratings one frugal fashionista at a time. It is perfect for
Western & Asian shopping


Asian Shopping, Asian Clothing :  Making Thai Friends




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