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Meeting Thailand Friends Online

Meeting Thailand Friends Online :
Like online dating websites, there are websites that will connect you with friends in Thailand such as Thailovelink.com, More....

Learn Buddhism Religion Facts in Thailand : Meeting Friends Through Religion 
Learn Buddhism Religion Facts in Thailand :
Religion is a good way to meet friends who have the same faith as you do. The national religion in Thailand is Buddhism. It makes up about 95% of the population. The other 5% are made up of Catholics More....

Do & Dont' In Thailand



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Making Friends Through Volunteering in Thailand

          According to " Volunteers Recognition and Reward Procedures Thailand ", there are several ways that you can volunteer in Thailand and you can make friends with other volunteers easily. You could volunteer to teach English as a foreign language in Thailand. The first thing you will want to remember as a volunteer is that you will need to be prepared to work between 20 and 25 hours a week, never more and not much less. This work is your gateway to making friends and access to the local culture.

          You can make friends with your fellow volunteer teachers if that is the volunteer activity you choose. It is recommended that you plan and prepare for your work with your fellow Thai teachers and colleagues. This makes it easier and you can become friends with them. You should be prepared to teach alone, though, especially at small primary schools.

          As a volunteer, your weekends are free and you can do what you want. You could take this time to meet up with your new friends and do something together. It is also a good time to immerse yourself in the beautiful Thai culture. Since travel in Thailand is cheap, you can all go in together and do more things together. Thai people enjoy meeting new people, especially international volunteers. You will meet so many new people. You could walk away from this experience with a whole new set of friends.

          This is a great opportunity for you to help out another culture and to make new friends in the process. You will come away from it feeling as though you have done something really great, and you did. You will also walk away with new friendships that you will want to keep up, even after your volunteer time is over. you can find more volunteering information from "Volunteers Recognition and Reward Procedures Thailand"


Volunteers Recognition and Reward Procedures Thailand




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