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Thai Kickboxing Kicks

      Also termed as Muay Thai Feet Techniques, Kicks are an important means of offense in Thai Kickboxing. Human feet, known as “Tao” in southern Thailand, are believed to be the most violent and crucial weapons for attack.


      There are various types of kicks that are practiced by Thai kick boxers. The most prominent among them are the Teep or front kick and the roundhouse kick. Other important varieties of kicking include Tae Pa Mak or basic kick, medium level kick, Kao Loi or high level kick or Flying kick, Neb, crescent kick, spinning back kick, Tae Chieng or diagonal kick, Tae Tad or sweeping kick, Tae Pub Nok or the kick to the outside of the knee joint and Tae Pub Nai or the kick to the inside of the knee joint. Roundhouse kick involves a complete rotation of the body. While practicing the roundhouse kick, boxers are trained to deliver the kick using the shin, since it is believed to be the strongest part of the foot.


        Apart from these, the boxer can even deliver kicks using his knees. These Knee kicks or Taeng Kow are usually lethal and are used to strike during a clinch.  There are various types of knee kicks practiced by the boxers. These include straight knee kick or Kow Dhrong, Diagonal knee kick, curving knee kick, horizontal knee kick, knee slap and flying knee kick.


        In order to use these techniques for striking, it is mandatory for the boxer to be properly trained. Regular practice can improve the power, agility and timing of the kick.

Thai Kickboxing Kicks




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