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Muay Thai :

          Muaythai (มวยไทย) is Thai name for Thai kickboxing. Muaythai is not only practiced in Thailand, but many Southeast Asian Countries like Malaysia, Myanmar, and Cambodian also practice it as well.

          Muaythai is also known as Art of the eight Limbs or  Thai boxing. More...

When & Where To See Muay Thai Match

    Are you looking to see a Muay Thai macth, but you know how you can see one? If you are in Thailand, Check out the following location for a great Muay Thai match. More... Lumpini Boxing Stadium

Thai Kickboxing-History :

    Muay Thai or Thai Kickboxing is an ancient martial art form of Thailand. It is known as the “Art of Eight Limbs” and is the national sport of Thailand. Thai Kickboxing history is long and rather controversial. There are no written records available that describe the Thai Kickboxing history. But, it is widely considered that the martial art played a significant role in the evolution of Thai culture. More... Lumpini Boxing Stadium


Muay Thai Customs :

      What are Muay Thai boxing history and customs ? Muay Thai or Thai Kick boxing is the national sport of Thailand. It is an ancient martial art form and is practiced in several countries. Muay Thai is also referred to as “The Art of Eight Limbs”. It is a brutal and versatile martial art form, that requires rigorous and disciplined training regimen to be taken under the guidance of experienced professionals. Muay Thai training methods develop devastating power, speed, cardio-vascular endurance and fighting spirit.More...










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