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Muay Thai Clinch Techniques :


      Clinch is an inseparable part of several combat sports such as Judo, Amateur wrestling, mixed martial arts and Sambo. The Muay Thai Clinch Technique can be explained as grappling of hands around the neck of the opponent during an offensive or defensive combat. The Muay Thai Clinch technique comprises an integral part of Thai Kickboxing.

        Clinch technique is a part of stand-up fighting and is commonly used in Muay Thai. There are several methods of performing the Muay Thai Clinch Technique. The conventional and correct clinch technique is pressing the forearms against the opponent’s collarbone and grappling around his head with the hands. Another popular method of practicing clinch is to hold the head with the hands and throw the opponent down. While performing Clinch, the palm of one hand is placed on the back of the other. But both the fingers should never interlock. Since the players will be using gloves inside the ring, they can move apart their fingers.


        Muay Thai Clinch Technique is an effective method to control the aggressiveness of the opponent. It is different from several other martial art forms such as Judo as it permits the use of Knee techniques, punching, kicking and delivering elbow blows during a Thai Clinch. These attacking methods provide the boxer with the advantage of striking under the Clinch. The player can use single collar tie position and deliver punches such as hooks and uppercuts. Alternatively, he can also use the double collar tie position to control the opponent and simultaneously deliver his kicks or elbows or knees and knock out his opponent.


Muay Thai Clinch Techniques : Thai Kickboxing Clinch




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