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Should I bring my car to Thailand?

Should I bring my car to Thailand ?:
   Having a reliable transportation is important in any country. Now that you decide to relocate to Thailand. The question is “Should you bring your car, if you have one back home?”More....

Making Friend In Thailand 
Making Friends In Thailand:
  Well, now that you've decided to make the big move over to Thailand, you're going to need some friends to go along with it. There's a lot that goes into making such a giant geographical jump. There's the stress of selling the old clunker, the expense of getting your entire Italian shoe collection from your tiny closet into your new spot in Thailand, and even getting your shampoo past airport security can prove a pickle nowadays.  More....



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Moving To Thailand

      The hardest part about moving to another country is when you first arrive. You don’t have stuffs that you usually take for granted like bed, chair, refrigerator, or television. You need to figure out what you should bring? Some items are better left at home like a used car, because you will be taxed heavily. For more information, check out our “Should I bring a car?" Section. More...


Where to apply for a Thai driving license ?

Where to apply for a Thai driving license ?

      The Department of Land Transportation is an equivalent of U.S. department of Motor Vehicles. This is where you can apply for a Thai driving license. The head of office of the department of Land Transportation is located in the Chachutjak district of Bangkok. If you don’t live around there, you can visit other location of the department of Land transporation. More..

Thailand Moving Checklist

Where to apply for a Thai driving license ?    Bangkok and major cities of Thailand are modern city. You can find almost everything that you will need at the major department stores like Big-C, Lotus, and Central.   Believe it or not, some shopping malls in Bangkok are even better than the mall in the United States. Thus, you do not need to pack everything from home, but a good plan can ease your relocation pain. Here is a comprehensive checklist to help you stay on track. More...

Jobs For Foreigners in Thailand

Jobs For Foreigners in Thailand

     Thailand has an excellent record on employment rate with under 2% of the population unemployed. There are many great job opportunities for foreigners in Thailand. More...

How do you obtain Thai Residence Permit ?

Thai Residence Permit  

     There are many advantages for having Thai permanent residence permit. For instance, you are allowed to live permanently in Thailand. You can also be a director of a company, and you can also give Thai nationality to your children. More...





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