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Green Curry Chicken

Green Curry Chicken:

Green Curry Chicken is also known as Kaeng Khiao Wan Kai ( แกงเขียวหวานไก่ ) in Thai. This is a very common dish for Thai. The soup usually taste sweet,but More....

Beef With Oyster Sauce 
Beef With Oystersauce

The pronunciation in Thai for beef with oyster sauce is “Nua Pad Num Man Huaong”. Though you may think that it is quite difficult to pronounce, it is quite delicious.More....

Sweet & Sour Meat Ball



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Fried Fish Cake :

Fried Fish Cake - Authentic Thai Cooking Reipes

      Fried Fish cake is one of the most awemome Thai A la carte. Fried fish cake is known in Thai as"Thod Mun Pla" ( ทอดมันปลา ). If you have not had one yet, we highly recommend that you should make an effort to make one.

Food Ingredients :

  • Seven hundred and fifty grams of fish meat .
  • Halt a cup of sliced string beans
  • Mince four tablespoon of Kaffir lime leaves
  • Four cups of cooking oil
  • Red curry paste
  • One Tablespoon of salt
  • One Tablespoon of sugar
  • One cup of diced cucumber
  • Half a cup of roasted peanut
  • Half a cup of vinegar

Food Recipes :

  • Mix vingegar and sugar together. Then heat it up until it boils
  • Mix diced cucumber and peanuts into the mixture.
  • Put fish meat, sliced string bean, red curry paste, and everything else together.
  • Shape the mixture into patties
  • Deep fry the patties in vegetable oil
  • Serve with cucumber relish.

Meat Dish: Pork Dish:


Chicken Dish:  A La Carte :
Noodle Dish : Vegetable Dish :







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