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Fried Fish Cake

Fried Fish Cake :
 Fried Fish cake is one of the most awemome Thai A la carte. Fried fish cake is known in Thai as"Thod Mun Pla" ( ทอดมันปลา ). If you have not had one yet, we highly recommend that you should make an effort to make one.More....

Shrimp paste Sauce with Vegetable 

Shrimp Paste Sauce :
Shrimp paste chilli sauce with vegetable is known as Nam Phrik kapi ( น้ำพริกกะปิ ) in Thai. It is very nutritious meal, and it is very common dish in Thailand.  More....



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Egg Rolls ( Spring Roll ) Recipes

Egg Rolls - Thai Food Recipes

      Egg Rolls ( ปอเปี๊ยะทอด ) are a well known dish in almost any local restaurant. It is very easy to prepare and taste absolutely delicious. Its main ingredients are Spring roll sheets, pork, and sliced cabage.

Food Ingredients :

  • Five hundred grams of Egg Roll Sheets
  • Two eggs
  • Three hundred grams of mince pork
  • Forty grams of mungbean noodle
  • Forty grams of bean spouts
  • Two hundred grams of chopped garlic
  • A quater of tablespoon of pepper
  • Four cup of Vegetable Oil
  • Swet and sour sauce

Food Preparation :

  • Soak mungbean noodle with water. Cut it into short pieces. Put egg, cabbe, pork, noodle and sauce together.
  • Fry the garlic in vegetable oil. Add pork and noodle,and deep fry it.
  • Put the filling on a spring roll sheet. Fold them up nicely by folding the egg roll sheet about half a turn.
  • Deep fried the egg rools slowly until it turns golden brown crispy. Serve with your basil leaves, cucumber, and sweet and sour sauce.

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