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Tasty Thai Food Recipes & Authentic Thai Food Recipes Tips:

Tasty Thai Food  Recipes - Authentic Thai Food Recipes - Thai Restaurant Menus

     Thai food is renowned all over the world for its delicious taste and spices. The unique Authentic Thai Food Recipes come from garlic, chillies, lime juice, lemon grass, coriander leaves, fermented fish sauce and shrimp paste.  In fact, these are the basic ingredients for Thai food.

      Rice is the staple food of Thailand and is eaten at every meal be it with soup, curry, vegetable or nam phrik. Nam phrik is a hot sauce prepared in different ways depending on which region of Thailand you are in. The basic ingredients for nam phrik are shrimp paste, garlic, chilli, fermented fish sauce and lime juice.

      Other common ingredients used in Thai cooking are galingale, black pepper, ground peanuts, tamarind juice, ginger and coconut milk. A traditional Thai meal can take hours to prepare as a lot of time is spent in preparing the ingredients and spices.

     Not many people know that Thai food varies from region to region. A simple example is the glutinous rice. This rice is more popular in north and northeastern parts of Thailand. In central region of Thailand, food is hot, salty, sweet and sour. Rice is served with different types of nam phrik and soups contain a lot of spices. In the north, food is mild, hot, salty and sour; though it is never sweet. Glutinous rice is served with boiled vegetables, nam phrik along with soup or curry. The northern part of Thailand is famous for its sausage known as Naem. This is fermented minced pork with a sour flavour and is sold wrapped in banana leaf. While the food in northeast is hot, salty and sour. The northeast is famous for its papaya salad, sour chopped meat salad and sour minced meat salad. In the northeast condiments are used and not spices. The southern part of Thailand is famous for its hot, salty and sour food. Curries are a specialty of this part.

     Thai food can be changed to suit individual tastes and likings. Those who have tried Thai food will never forget the exotic cuisine with its multitude flavors and tastes.







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