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About 20th century Thai literature :
 Thai Literature has an extensive history and culture. Thai literature has always been influenced by Indian literature. The national epic of Thailand is Ramakien, which is a Thai adaptation of Indian Ramayana. All the kings of Chakri Dynasty have been eminent writers More....


Type Of Thai Poetry :
Poetry in Thailand is thought to have appeared during the Sukhothai period. There are many Types of Thai Poetry. Classical Thai poetry can be divided principally into five types: Khloong, Chan, Kaap, Kloon and Raay. More....



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Thai Radio Online...

      Are you a Thai living aboard? Now you can listen to Thai radio online. Listen to latest Thai music through the internet is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends in Thailand. May be you are a foreigner who want to learn how to speak Thai. Listening to Thai radio is great way to learn the language.

       Thailandbuddy gathers live feed broadcasting of Thai radio stations for you.

88.0 Peak FM 88.0 Peak FM 95.0 ลูกทุ่งมหานคร 95.0 Luk Thung
88.5 FM Max 88.5 FM Max 102.5 Get Maximum 102.5 Get Maximum
89.0 Banana FM 89.0 Banana FM 103.5 Modern Love 103.5 Modern Love
89.5 Sweet FM 90.5 Nation Radio  104.5 Fat Radio 104.5 Fat Radio
91.5 Hotwave 91.5 Hotwave 106.0 Life FM 106.0 Life FM
93.0 Cool FM 93.0 Cool FM 106.5 Green Wave 106.5 Green Wave
93.5 E FM 93.5 E FM    


Thai Radio Online




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