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History Of Emeral Buddha :
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Thai Military History :
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History Golden Buddha and Sarasota Thailand :

The huge golden Buddha and Sarasota is considered to be the treasure of Thailand. The temple of the golden Buddha is known as Wat Traimit. The image is made up of solid gold and it weighs five and a half tons. Its diameter is 12 feet 5 inches and designed in typical artistic Sukhothai style. It is the largest golden Buddha in the world. It is the golden treasure of Thailand which is 700 years old.

This golden image was completely concealed with plaster originally during Sukhothai and Ayudhya period, most probably to save it from invaders. In the 1950s, it was discovered purely by accident, while relocating it. In 1955, the image was being moved to Wat Traimit and fell from the crane. The plaster came off to reveal the golden image inside.

In the earlier period, the image was installed in the of Choti-naram temple. But the Choti-naram temple was deserted in 1931. To reinstall the Buddha image, the construction of Wat Traimit temple began. Then this golden image was moved to Wat Traimit temple and while transferring the image to this temple, people came to know about the gold beneath the plaster. It was treasured as the most wonderful and valuable image. The statue is kept in a plain and simple building large enough to keep the image. The golden Buddha is kept there till now. It is treasured for not only for being valuable but for historic and artistic values too.

Now, it has become the major attraction of Bangkok.






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