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Thai King History Facts :
Crowned to the Thai royal throne in May 5, 1950, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama IX is the ninth monarch of the illustrious Chakri Dynasty. He was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in .More....

Thailand Military History:
Military has always played a central role in the development of Thailand. According to several historians, Thai military has a history that dates back to the same period when the Kingdom of Thailand gained independence from the Khmer empire. Since then More....

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Thai Politic History :

Political scenario in Thailand has always been very volatile. Military leaders and dictators have always influenced Thai politics. Ever since absolute monarchy was abolished in 1932, Thailand had witnessed 17 constitutions and 18 coups in 75 years.


Historians believe that the political history of modern Thailand originates from the period of King Taksin the Great. General Taksin was an able military leader who guided the royal Thai army to victory against Burmese invasion. He re-united the Thai kingdom and also conquered many parts in neighboring Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. However, due to his insane behavior, the political situation in Thailand got jeopardized. He was deposed from power by General Chakri in 1782 and was later executed. General Chakri or King Rama I was the first king of the illustrious Chakri Dynasty.


King Rama I revoked the political system practiced during the Ayutthaya period. All the major ministries including the army were brought under the control of the royal family. Rama I shifted the capital from Thornburi to Bangkok. All the rulers who have succeeded King Rama I concentrated on establishing a modern system of administration. A more relaxed trading policy and a uniform taxation system were introduced under the regime of King Rama III. Many of the royal monopolies were abolished for the purpose of developing trade relations with the west and evading colonial occupation.


Major reforms such as western style of governance, modernization of army, imparting compulsory primary education, modern system of taxation, establishment of institutes for higher education and abolition of slavery occurred during the rule of King Rama V.




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