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Northern Thailand Tours - A Haven For Tourists 
Northern Thailand Tours - A Haven For Tourists :
The topography of northern Thailand is hilly and mountainous. Northern Thailand is made of 17 provinces which occupy nearly 170,000 square kilometers, bordering Laos in the east and Myanmar in the west More....



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  • Wear yellow T-Shirt on Monday and Friday. Thai people have great love for the king and the royal family. Especially, the year 2007 will be his majesty 80th birthday anniversary, Thai people pay tribute to his majesty by wearing yellow T-Shirt on Monday and Friday. Make sure you wear one.
  •  In the theatre, the audience will stand up to show respect to the king, make sure you stand up.


    • Woman are forbidden to touch Buddhist priests. If you are female, you are not allowed to accept anything from hand to hand. If you want to give the monk something, you must first
    • If you visit temple, do not climb up on Buddha statues. Buddha images and statutes are considered as sacred object.
    • Thai people don’t shake hands to greet each other. They press their palm together in a prayer gesture called, “Wai”. You should learn how to do it.
    • Do not point your foot toward anything, especially at a person. Foot is considered the lowest part of the body. If you want to show anyone anything, use your finger instead.
    • Public Display Affection are frowned upon. It is rude to make out in public. If you do that, you will draw a lot of attention to yourself. Anything that is more than holding hands is considered rude.




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