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Chachoengsao Province And Thailand Tourist Attractions

Chachoengsao Province And Thailand Tourist Attractions :
   Just east of Bangkok is Chachoengsao province which occupies an area of 5,351 square kilometers. Chachoengsao is approximately 100 kilometers away from Bangkok and it is administratively divided into 9 Amphoes and 2 King Amphoes.More...

Chanthaburi Province And Thailand Tourist Attractions 
Chanthaburi Province And Thailand Tourist Attractions
    Chanthaburi province is located near Bangkok and it 245 kilometers from the capital. Chanthaburi province is famous for its Thai gem mining center, varieties of tropical fruits and woven reed mats. Of course, one should not forget the natural beauty and the historical attractions of Chanthaburi province.More...


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Sa Kaeo Province And Thailand Tourist Attractions


Sa Kaeo province is on the eastern border of Thailand and it is a popular trading center. It is east of Bangkok and is 245 kilometers from the capital of Thailand. Sa Kaeo has a long history dating back to Suwannaphum and Dawarati periods, and one can find archeological sites of Kher arts and stone inscriptions.

Earlier Sa Kaeo was an administrative district of Prachinburi province. However, from December 1, 1993 it got upgraded to the status of a province. Today Sa Kaeo is divided into 7 districts and 2 sub-districts.

In Muang district of Sa Kaeo in Tambon Sa Kaeo, you can find two ponds, Sa Kaeo and Sa Khwan. The name of the province has been derived from this place and is a highly revered place as Somdej Chaophraya Maha Kasatsuk, who later on became King Rama I, stopped at this site to use to water to swear to fight with courage when he was on the way to fight the Cambodians.

Then there is the Pang Sida National Park with its complex highlands and innumerous forests which are teeming with wild and rare animals. The Park is the origin of many creeks which go on to form the Bang Pakong River. In the Park you can find waterfalls, pond and a reservoir.

In Watthana Nakhon district there is a wildlife sanctuary which has rare and wild animals. If you are interested in archeology, you can visit Prasat Ban Noi which is from the Khmer period.

In the Aranyaprathet district you can visit the Phra Siam Dwathiraj which is an imitation of the original Phra Siam Dewathiraj. The Phra Siam Dweathiraj in Aranyaprathet is 1.29 meters tall and was built by Phra Uthai Thammathari in 1975.

Right at the Thailand and Cambodia border is Aranyaprathet Victory Gate which was constructed in 1939. The gate is 2 octagonal towers, each 15 meters tall with a guarding area at the base. However, in war the towers were destroyed and they were reconstructed in 1959 to commemorate the dead and injured soldiers.

To get a taste of Thailand and Cambodia, one must visit the Ban Khlong Luek Border Market in Aranyaprathet district. The market is just 6 kilometers from Aranyaprathet town and it is a major trading center for Cambodian goods like brassware, ceramics, clothes, dried fish etc.


Sa Kaeo Province And Thailand Tourist Attractions


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