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Chachoengsao Province And Thailand Tourist Attractions :

Chachoengsao Province And Thailand Tourist Attractions
   Just east of Bangkok is Chachoengsao province which occupies an area of 5,351 square kilometers. Chachoengsao is approximately 100 kilometers away from Bangkok and it is administratively divided into 9 Amphoes and 2 King Amphoes.More...

Chanthaburi Province And Thailand Tourist Attractions 
Chanthaburi Province And Thailand Tourist Attractions
    Chanthaburi province is located near Bangkok and it 245 kilometers from the capital. Chanthaburi province is famous for its Thai gem mining center, varieties of tropical fruits and woven reed mats. Of course, one should not forget the natural beauty and the historical attractions of Chanthaburi province.More...


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Thailand Tourist Attractions:
Trat Province


Trat province is the easternmost province in Thailand and it is 315 kilometers southeast of Bangkok. It is believed that the province got its name from Krat tree, which are plentiful and are used in the production of brooms. Trat is believed to a corruption of Krat.

Trat province is divided into 5 districts and 2 sub-districts. Trat is separated on the east from Cambodia by Buntud Mount Range and Weru River separates the province from Chanta Buri.

If you are visiting Trat province a must-see is the Wat Buppharam which is 2 kilometers from Trat’s inner city at the end of a canal. The temple was built in 1952 during the reign of King Prasat Thong in the Ayutthaya period. The temple houses the ashes of Buddha and also has Buddha images in different styles.

Then there is the Wat Saphan Hin which is estimated to be over 100 years old but there is no evidence as to when this temple was built. A kilometer from the temple is a pond and in the middle of the pond is an old church. There are two rows of stones which one must use to get from the two banks to the church.

Then there is the City Pole which legend has it was built by King Takshin when he was assembling his arm to fight for independence of Thailand from the French. Legend has it that the people of Trat used to worship this shrine everyday and on seeing this, the French troop tried to pull down the shrine without any success. They went to the extent of trying to pull the shrine with the help of an elephant but the shrine stayed put. Till today, people from the Trat province pay respect to the City Pole.

You can also visit Laem Sok which was the residence of Krom Luang Chumpornkhet Udomsak, the father of Thailand’s Royal Naval Army. You can visit the numerous fisherman villages in the area and the most popular villages are Laem Hin Ao Cho.


Trat Province And Thailand Tourist Attractions


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