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Hungry Buddhism Ghost Festival :
      Like Holy Ghost Festival Hawaii, Hungry Buddhism Ghost Festival in Thailand is also famous. The ghost festival, known as Phi Ta Khon, is a masked procession on the first day of a three day Buddhist holiday known as Boon Pra Wate. More....



Erawan Shrine In Thailand......

       Those who have visited Thailand will admit that there are many facets to the spiritual Buddhist life in this beautiful country.

       Hinduism and Animism have integrated themselves and are very much part and parcel of spiritualism in Thailand. This spiritualism has nothing to do with Buddhism but is embraced by all.

        A look around Bangkok will reveal many shrines in front of nearly all big buildings. These shrines are nothing but spirit houses to protect the building from any harm. Offerings of food and drinks are regularly made and Thai people pay homage and respect to the shrines while passing by.

        One such spirit house was built in the 1950s in front of the Erawan Hotel. It is known as "Erawan Shrine In Thailand". However, the shrine did nothing to protect while the hotel was being constructed. Many accidents occurred during the construction. So the people consulted some spiritual advisers who asked them to relocate the spirit house to its current location. The Erawan shrine was relocated and thereafter the construction went off smoothly with no accidents or mishaps.

        Story has it that an old lady prayed for help at the shrine since her business was not doing well. She promised to dance all the way to the shrine if her wish was granted. It so happened that the lady’s business started doing well and she kept her promise.

         Today, thousands of people visit the Erawan Shrine wishing for luck in business and love. They make small offerings while wishing and once their wish is granted, people return to the shrine with classical Thai dancers who perform before the shrine.

          Erawan Shrine is located at a busy intersection of Bangkok and the skytrain runs overhead in two different directions. The shrines is gilded and features four faces and four arms> Over the last decade or so, it has become busier with garland sellers lining the sidewalk close to the shrine.

         A visit to Erawan Shrine is well worth the time and it is located close to Chitlom skytrain station. After visiting the shrine, one can stop at the many shopping centers located in the vicinity.

Erawan Shrine In Thailand




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