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Bangkok Tourist Attraction

Bangkok Tourist Attraction
    Bangkok Province, the capital city of Thailand is the prime tourist attraction for both domestic and international travellers. Bubbling with life, this modern metropolis is a paradise for young, vibrant tourists. The attractive mega malls, trendy boutiquesMore....


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Phi Phi Island Travel Information


     Thailand has many beautiful and wonderful islands to visit. One such island is Phi Phi Island. Phi Phi Island is just 45 kilometers from Phuket and well worth a visit, especially the northern end of the island.

      Laem Tong lies at the northern tip of Phi Phi Island, and if you are yearning for a quiet end to your holiday after enjoying all the thrills and spills of Phuket, then Laem Tong is just the place for you.

      There are many four star resorts at the northern tip of Phi Phi Island and they are all on the beach on the eastern side. This means that the resorts and the beaches always get the cool north easterly breeze in the hot months of summer, and this end of the island is sheltered from the onslaught of the westerly breeze.

      In Laem Tong, you will find the quaint village of Sea Gypsy Village. This is a small collection of tin roof dwellings and the local boatmen spend their time offering boat rides to passing tourists, though they seem more content to spend their time fishing and talking.

     There are many restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine. Different restaurants cater to different budgets and you can be sure that you will find something tasty within your budget to quench your culinary curiosity.

      In Laem Tong, there are no cars or bikes and you can walk leisurely in the village. You can walk to Chong Ku where the ferries arrive in peak tourist season. This is located on the west side and is just 180 meters from the east coast. If you want to enjoy the sunset, this is the perfect place for you. You can see the sun gradually dropping behind the hills of Phuket Island and the view is spectacular and romantic.

      The islands that are closest to Laem Tong are also part of the Phi Phi Islands. These islands appear to be very close but are 4 kilometers away. There is Mosquito Island, which gets its name from the clouds of mosquitoes at sunrise and sunset. Bamboo Island is part of the National Park and is surrounded by reefs which are popular with visitors on a day trip looking for snorkeling adventure. On the southern shores of Phi Phi Island, there are soft coral reefs which are unique to the island. One can also see many blue spotted rays in this part of Phi Phi Island.

Phi Phi Island Travel Information




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