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Maps Of Phang Nga

Phang Nga Map

Chumphon Province Tourist Attractions

Chumphon Province And Thailand Tourist Attractions
   Chumphon province is located on the Isthmus of Kra which connects the Malay Peninsula with the mainland Thailand. Chumphon province is divided into 8 districts which are further subdivided into 70 communes and 674 villages. Within Chumphon province are two towns, Chumphon and Lang Suan, and 12 townships.More...

Nakhon Si Thammarat Province And Thailand Tourist Attractions 
Nakhon Si Thammarat Tourist Attractions
      Nakhon Si Thammarat province is one of the southern provinces of Thailand located on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Thailand. The province’s name comes from its Pali name “Nagara Sri Dhammaraja” meaning the City of the Sacred Dharma King and when pronounced in Thai it becomes Nakhon Si Thammarat. More...


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Phang Nga Province And Thailand Tourist Attractions

    Phang Nga province is located on the west side of the Malay Peninsula and includes many islands situated in the Phang Nga Bay. The most famous of these islands is the James Bond Island, which is a needle-form limestone rock and was featured in the James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun.

In 1981 the Ao Phang Nga National Park was formed to protect many of the beautiful and fascinating islands of Phang Nga province. The Similan Islands, famous as a diving destination with millions of tourists, is part of Phang Nga province.

Phang Nga is also known for its tin mines, beautiful scenery, soaring mountains, mangroves, and evergreen forests.

Near Phang Nga town is the Khao Chang Hill which is home to Tham Phung Chang cave. This cave houses many stalactite and stalagmite formations and replicas of famous Buddha images. Then there is Tham Rusi Sawan and Tham Luk Sua. These are adjoining caves in the midst of a beautiful public park. These caves are located opposite the provincial court near the town of Phang Nga.

In the district of Kaspong is Wat Narai Nikayaram. This is an old monastery which is believed to be a part of the ancient town of Takua Pa. In the monastery you can be magnificient stone carvings of God Narayana, Phra Lak and Nang Sida from the Hindu epic of Ramayana. These carvings are considered to be oldest art found in the province of Phang Nga and it is believed that the Kalingkharat tribe, which one lived here, made these beautiful carvings.

Mu Ko Surin National Park is an archipelago of 5 islets. These islets are home to sea gypies and the beautiful white sandy beaches and shallow water coral reefs are the worth a look.

The Khao Khien mountain cave is a must see for its primitive rock painting of various animals like fish, water lizards and dolphins. It is believed that some of the paintings in the cave are nearly 3,000 years old.


Phang Nga Province And Thailand Tourist Attractions


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