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Bangkok Tourist Attractions :

Bangkok Tourist Attractions
       Bangkok Province, the capital city of Thailand is the prime tourist attraction for both domestic and international travellers. Bubbling with life, this modern metropolis is a paradise for young, vibrant tourists. The attractive mega malls, trendy boutiques More....

Nan Province 
Nan Province :
Nan Province is a serene and attractive tourist destination, which is cozily snuggled in the lush valley forests of northern Thailand. Bestowed with a rich legacy, this place is located on the banks of Nan River  More....

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Phuket Trip Advisor:

       The most popular holiday resort in Thailand is the Phuket Island. This is the largest island in Thailand and it lies off the coast of Indian Ocean. It is 870 km from Bangkok. Besides tourism, tin and rubber are the main source of income. The water around Phuket is known for its exquisite marine life.

      The island has lovely bays and coves. The beaches are dotted with a lot of palms trees and you can sit under them and watch the sparkling turquoise sea. Tourists enjoy the tropical sunshine and a cool splash in the clear water. There are other islands surrounding it and you can visit them by hiring a canoe or a kayak. Phuket also has lush mountain forests, waterfalls and parks.

       The island has developed all kinds of modern facilities for entertainment. Finest resort accommodations are available with all sorts of entertainment like scuba diving, fishing, sailing, elephant rides and much more. Bars and restaurants with mouthwatering sea food will leave you contended.

       Spa cruises are another attraction added for a beautiful holiday entertainment. This is a concept that was taken from olden times and these spa cruises have taken the ancient Thai idea of body and mind relaxation and fused it with modern amenities. It is quite popular among visitors.

       Phuket provides the perfect ambience for the people who want escape their humdrum lives. Resorts for all budgets are available and you can get expensive accommodation along Phuket’s in independent villas or you can opt for budget accommodation in native style huts. 




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