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Chiang MaiTravel Information :
     Thousands of foreigners visit Chiang Mai each year for its many attractions. One of most interesting events is Chiang Mai Lantern Festival. It was also known as, “Yi Peng Loi Krathong Festival. “Yi Peng”.More....

The Canals Of Bangkok 
The Canals Of Bangkok
In the 19th century Bangkok was definitely a floating city, and the moniker of Venice of the East was apt for this charming beautiful city. During that period some 400,000 people lived on floating houses on the rivers of Bangkok while the remaining people lived in houses on stilts on the river and canal banks. More....



Northern Thailand Tours - A Haven For Tourists


      The topography of northern Thailand is hilly and mountainous. Northern Thailand is made of 17 provinces which occupy nearly 170,000 square kilometers, bordering Laos in the east and Myanmar in the west.

          Northern Thailand is also home to the many hill tribe people who over centuries have made this area their homes. The hill tribes’ culture and traditions have long attracted tourists from all over the world. The women from hill tribes are renowned for their beauty while the people in general from Northern Thailand are famous for their generosity and hospitality.

         The most beautiful time to visit Northern Thailand is during winter. Winter in this region is from November to January, and this is the time when winter flowers bloom and cover the misty mountains giving them a spectacular appearance. This is especially true for Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son.

         There is no doubt that the natural attractions are the reasons why tourists flock to Northern Thailand. One can find many national parks and impressive and beautiful mountain ranges, especially Doi Inthanon, Doi Angkhang, Doi Mae Salong and Doi Mon Jong in Chiang Mai province.

          People also visit Northern Thailand for nature-based activities like bird watching, trekking, rafting and mountain biking. However, history of Northern Thailand has also proved to be a strong attraction for many tourists. The northern part of Thailand is home to Thailand’s earliest civilization and one can see these in Chiang Mai, Mai Hong Son, Lampang and Sukhothai.

           Visiting Northern Thailand is extremely easy as the region is well connected to the rest of the country by good road networks. If one prefers taking the aerial route, it is possible as the country’s national carrier operates daily flights to the north.

Northern Thailand Tours




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