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Maps Of Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son Map

Wat Hua Wiang :

Wat Hua Wiang
    Located amidst the misty mountain ranges, the beautiful city of Mae Hong Son is one of the most sparsely populated cities in Thailand that is located in the northern most part of the country. More....

 Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu, Mae Hong Son Tourist Attraction 

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu:
      Situated on the top of 250-meter high Doi Kong Mu hill is the beautiful temple of Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu.  Constructed in the year 1874, this remarkable Buddhist monastery is considered as a true depiction of strong Burmese influence on Thai architecture, its culture and even traditions.  More....



Pong Duad Hot Springs 

       Officially this spring is named Tha Pai Hot Springs, and it is located 8 kilometers south of Pai district where a cold river and boiling hot geysers meet in 10 inch to 16 inch deep pools. Pong Duad Hot Springs is a naturally occurring phenomenon and it offers one of best relaxing spots in Mae Hong Son.


       The spring is located right in the middle of the forest and the local government has ensured that there is not even a speck of concrete around to give it a more natural feel. Many visitors love to go on a motor bike ride early in the morning before dawn and then sit and relax in the hot springs watching the sun appear gradually through the rising steam.

       Pong Duad Hot Springs used to be run by the locals and was free for all locals for centuries. Now it is under the local Forestry officials’ care and until 2006, it used to be free entrance. However, ever since the Forest Department has decided that the spring falls within the boundaries of Huay Nam Dang National Park, there is now an entrance fee of 400 Baht for foreigners and 40 Baht for Thais.

       Pong Duad Hot Springs is a geyser with high temperature and pressure. The average temperature of the springs is 80 degree Celsius. From the parking lot there is a shady path leading to the springs. This path runs for around 500 meters. The steam rising from the springs fills the surroundings giving a foggy and misty appearance in the morning. The steam manages to enhance the beauty of the surrounding still further.

       The area around the hot springs is rich in teak trees and is ideally suited for overnight camping. In addition, there small public bathing houses to which hot spring water is carried via pipes. There is also a stream that runs near the geyser and at certain points, the cool water from stream mixes with the hot springs creating fantastic areas to bathe and have fun in the water.

Pong Duad Hot Springs





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