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Mae Yom National Park :

Mae Yom National Park, Phrae Tourist Attractions
    Situated in Song district some 48 kilometers from the provincial town of Phrae, Mae Yom National Park is probably one of the most beautiful national parks in Thailand. More....

Phrae Province: Phra That Phra Lo 

Phra That Phra Lo :
    The province of Phrae is one of the oldest existing communities in the North Thailand region and is situated some 550 kilometers from the capital city of Bangkok. More....



Phrae Tourist Attractions:

    Situated on the banks of Yom River, Phrae Province is a lovely tourist destination surrounded by mountains on all sides. This is an ancient historical place widely known in the country for its biggest reserves of teak forests. More...

Wiang Kosai National Park


Phrae Province: Wiang Kosai National Park        Situated on the banks of Yom River, the beautiful province of Phrae is one of the most ancient provinces of Thailand that is well known for its significance in the history of Thailand. Until recently, Phrae has remained elusive to the outside world.

        However, there are several attractions present in this province that are worth a visit. One such beautiful tourist destination is the Wiang Kosai National Park that is situated in the Wang Chin District, 70 kilometers from the Phrae town.

        Wiang Kosai National Park is also known as the first national park in entire Phrae province. Covering an area of almost 410 square kilometers, this national park is spread over in Wang Chin district in Phrae province and Tern, Sobprab and Mae Ta districts in Lampang province. More...


Fabric Weaving Village 

Phrae Province: Fabric Weaving Village      Located in the northern part of Thailand, Phrae is the one of the most prosperous and economically developed provinces in the entire country famous for its lucrative coal mines and other industries. Apart from these, there is one aspect that symbolizes Phrae province, which is the art of making the Tin Chok Fabric.

      Long is a small district that is situated some 45 kilometers from the provincial town of Phrae on Highway No. 1023. Present in this district are craftsmen who are exceptionally skilled in the weaving of silk and cotton fabrics. In fact, weaving silk and cotton fabric is a household industry in this province that is being practiced for ages. Weavers living in this district are believed to be the descendants of an age-old community that was supposed to have existed during the Haripoonchai period. More...






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