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Ramkhamhaeng National Park :

Ramkhamhaeng National Park
     Located 20 kilometers from the city of Sukhothai is one of the most magnificent natural parks in Thailand known as the Ramkhamhaeng National Park. More....

Sukhothai  Ramkhamhaeng National Museum  - Sukhothai Tourist Attractions 

Sukhothai Ramkhamhaeng National Museum:
     Sukhothai, which literally means “Dawn of Happiness”, is one the most enchanting provinces in Thailand. It is located 427 kilometers north of Bangkok. This province was founded in the year 1238 and was once the capital of Thailand for approximately 120 years. More....



Sukhothai Province

    Sukhothai Province is certainly the most enchanting tourist spot in Thailand.

     Acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Sukhothai is situated on the lower northern region of the country. It is an ancient region famous for its magnificent temples, splendid monuments and amazing environs. Sukhothai has a rich history and traditions and was one of the most powerful, religious and prosperous kingdoms during ancient times. More...


Si Satchanalai National Park :

Si Satchanalai National Park - Sukhothai Tourist Attractions

      Located 100 kilometers from the town of Sukhothai is one of the most picturesque locations in the entire Sukhothai province known as Si Satchanalai National Park. Spread over an area of around 300 acres, Si Satchanalai National Park is present in Amphoe Si Satchanalai and Amphoe Thung Saliam of Sukhothai province. The Government of Thailand declared this area as a national park on 8 May, 1981. More...


Sri Satchanalai Historical Park  :

Sri Satchanalai Historical Park

      Located on the banks of Yom River in Sukhothai province is one of the valuable representation of ancient human life called as the Satchanalai Historical Park. Declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site, Satchanalai Historical Park houses some of the ancient remnants and relics depicting human life, their culture and traditions during Sukhothai and Ayutthaya periods.

      Situated 50 kilometer north of Sukhothai city, Satchanalai Historical Park is spread over an area of almost 800 acres and it is located on the outskirts of Si Satchanalai city. Major attractions include ruins of various temples and kilns. Some important temples present inside the park are Wat Chang Lom, More..





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