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Maps Of Suphan Buri

Suphan Buri Map

Erawan Shrine In Thailand :

Erawan Shrine In Thailand
Those who have visited Thailand will admit that there are many facets to the spiritual Buddhist life in this beautiful country. Hinduism and Animism have integrated themselves More....

Wat Phra Kaew 
Exotic Vacation Tips:
Wat Phra Kaew is one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand. Wat Phra Kaew is the temple that houses the Emerald Buddha. The temple is located in the grounds of the Grand Palace and consists of over hundred buildings. The buildings are extremely colorfu  More....

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Suphan Buri Province - Thailand Tourist Attractions :

          Suphan Buri Province is one of the most ancient regions of Thailand with abundant natural and historical significance. This province used to be a prime border city during Ayutthaya Period and has witnessed several battles with the Burmese. There are numerous remnant sites excavated all around the province that aptly describe the history of Suphan Buri. Geographically, this province has low river plains and small mountain ranges.

          The most significant tourist destination in Suphan Buri is the beautiful Beung Chawak Lake. It is the biggest fresh water lake in this province. The lush surroundings around this lake have been developed into various tourism devoted projects. The Wild life extension center present around this lake aims at breeding several kinds of animals and birds. The aviary houses around 45 species of birds. There are several rare and endangered animals that are bred in captivity such as Tiger, Lion, Panther and clouded leopards. Apart from this, the region around this lake is a garden for indigenous vegetables and an exhibition center for aquatic animals.

          Bird lovers can have a fantastic time at The Sadet Bird Sanctuary. It houses several rare species of birds including open-billed stork, heron, cormorants, painted storks, night heron, and white ibis. Historians can satiate their quest at the ancient Don Chedi Monument, City Pillar and the U Thong National Museum. There are several ancient Buddhist temples and shrines in this region known for their highly revered images of Lord Buddha, highly decorated murals, exquisite woodcarvings and beautiful stuccos.

          The most cherished local product of Suphan Buri is the Khanom Sali. These are sweet and soft cakes made from egg and flour. Apart from this, hand-woven rattan, bamboo products and wickerwork from water hyacinths that are made into baskets, purses, hats and cages are other decorative items native to this land. Noppharat is one of the famous dining places in this area that serves delicious Chinese and Thai cuisines.


Suphan Buri Province - Thailand Tourist Attractions




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