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Maps Of Yasothon

Yasothon Map

Doi Sutep - Chiang Mai Tourist Attraction

Doi Sutep - Chiang Mai Tourist Attraction:
      Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second largest city. It is 438 miles (700 kilometers) north of Bangkok and many people believe that is far better living in Chiang Mai than in Bangkok.  More....

The Canals Of Bangkok 
The Canals Of Bangkok
     In the 19th century Bangkok was definitely a floating city, and the moniker of Venice of the East was apt for this charming beautiful city. During that period some 400,000 people lived on floating houses on the rivers of Bangkok while the remaining people lived in houses on stilts on the river and canal banks.More....



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Yasothon Province - Thailand Tourist Attractions :

          Located on the northeastern part of Thailand, Yasothon Province is a small and traditional region famous for its Rocket Festival. This province has around 1,200 year old history dating back to Khmer period.

          There are numerous ancient and sacred temples and shrines in this region that provide a glimpse about the history of this province. The most important of these is the Wat Maha That. Built is Laotian style of architecture, this temple contains remnants of ancient Ayutthaya period. It is known for its beautiful woodcarvings on the doors, designs on the walls and exquisite sculptures.

          The wonderful beach on the banks Chi River is a popular holiday spot for tourists to relax and have their evening meal. One the most remarkable place to visit is the Phu Tham Thra. Surrounded by dense forests, this is a deep cave containing multiple Buddha Images. Adventure lovers can trek through the entire length of the cave and explore its uniqueness. Wat Sa Trainurak temple has an impressive wooden scripture hall called Ho Trai that is built in Burmese style of architecture. Other prominent destinations include the beautifully decorated Phaya Thaen Public Park where the annual rocket festival is held.

          The spectacular Rocket Festival or Bun Bung Fai Ceremony held during May is an important festival of this reason. Tourists mainly visit Yasothon to witness this remarkable festival. During this, numerous homemade rockets are fired into the sky with the belief the Gods will shower rains. Peun Muang, a traditional folk dance, is performed as part of the celebrations.

          One of well known delights of Yasothon Province is the Jasmine Rice. Other popular products of the region include handicrafts such as Khit Pillows made at Ban Si Than and baskets made in the form of rice containers produced at Ban Thung Nang Ok and Ban Na Samai.

          Traveling by road is the most convenient means of travel to reach Yasothon. There are no direct trains or flights from Bangkok. Yasothon Province is located at a distance of 531 kilometers from Bangkok. Tourists can hire a car from Bangkok or board a direct bus from Bangkok’s Mochit 2 Bus Terminal.


Yasothon Province - Thailand Tourist Attractions




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