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Krabi Thailand Tourist Attractions

Pristine white beaches, coral reefs, dots of islands, dense forests, and beautiful waterfalls - this may be the dream vision in your mind when you visit Thailand. And Krabi situated in the southern part of Thailand, is the perfect answer to your dream. Krabi is around 814 kilometers from Bangkok.

The word Krabi means swords and there are interesting legends surrounding this name. According to one legend, the villagers came upon a sword by chance and presented it to the governor. Then later, another sword was found, smaller in size and that too was presented to the governor. The governor accepted the sword as a sacred gift and now these swords adorn the walls of the Khao Khanap Nam cave in the form of a cross and are considered to be the provincial seal.

According to the other legend, the name Krabi originates from a name of a tree called Lumphi. Funnily, the name was mispronounced by the Malay and Chinese merchants as Ka-lu-bi or Kho-lo-bi and finally came to be called Krabi, a distorted pronunciation of Lumphi.

Bordered by mountains and plains and dotted with numerous canals and forests, Krabi is indeed a vision to behold. The tropical weather in Krabi is quite distinctive. The hot season lasts from January to April and the rainy season starts in May and continues till December. Temperatures vary from 17 degree Celsius to 37 degree Celsius. This place’s topography, weather, and soil condition is conducive for the growth and cultivation of products such as cashew nuts, coffee, rubber plantation, and coconut trees.

Krabi comprises of eight districts, Amphoe Mueang, Khao Phanom, Khlong Thom, Plai Phraya, Ko Lanta, Ao Luek, Lam Thap, and Nuea Khlong. These districts also extend to several islands.

Krabi Thailand Tourist Attractions




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