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Nunthaburi National Park :

Nunthaburi National Park: Nan Tourist Attraction
    Situated 668 kilometers from the capital city of Bangkok, Nan is a peaceful and serene province nestled in the valley of Nan River and it is surrounded by mountains that are covered with forests.More....

Wat Phra That Chae Haeng Nan: Nan Tourist Attraction 

Wat Phra That Chae Haeng Nan :
   Located in the northern part of Thailand, Nan province contains various tourist destinations that provide a glimpse about the historical and religious significance of this place. One such place that is worth a visit is the Wat Phra That Chae Haeng Nan. More....



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Nan Province - Thailand Tourist Attractions :

          Nan Province is a serene and attractive tourist destination, which is cozily snuggled in the lush valley forests of northern Thailand. Bestowed with a rich legacy, this place is located on the banks of Nan River. The region is a home to different hill tribe communities with distinctly unique customs and traditions. Nan Province is quite popular for it’s locally made musical instruments, golden oranges, woven materials, silverware, woodcarving and hill tribe handicrafts.

          A major tourist attraction is the Ban Pak Nai, which is famous for its houseboats. The place is ideal for tourists who prefer holidaying amid peaceful natural surrounding. The region is also famous for Hom Chom, with its characteristic earthen mould of unusual shapes and intriguing forms. The Si Nan National Park and the Doi Phu Kha National Park contain forested lands and mountain ranges, from where several streams originate and exotic waterfalls. These forests are a home to several rare and near-extinct floras. There are several shrines and Buddhist chedis in the region including Wat Chang Kham, Wat Phaya Wat, Wat Phra That Chae Hang and Wat Phumin.

          For tourists who are on a look out for some exciting adventure, there are different forms of adventure sports available. Since there are a lot of rivers and streams flowing throughout the region, there is a good opportunity for Rafting using bamboo or rubber rafts. Nam Wa Rafting is very popular among the adventure loving tourists. Camping and trekking facilities are available in the Doi Phu Kha National Park. Trekking on foot or on Elephant back is quite common. The challenging trekking paths on the mountain terrains tempt tourists to explore its peaks and forests.

          Nan Province is 668 kilometers away from Bangkok.  It is well connected by road and air. Tourists can board buses from Bangkok at the Mochit 2 Bus terminal or can even hire a car. Direct flights from Bangkok are operated by Thai Airways daily. The region has various restaurants that offer Thai, Chinese and European delights to satiate the palates of the customers. Accommodation is available at affordable prices.


Nan Province - Thailand Tourist Attractions





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