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Maps Of Pathum Thani

Pathum Thani Map

Wat Chinwararam:
Pathum Thani Travel Guide : Wat Chinwararam

       Wat Chinwararam is extremely popular for its beautiful murals that depict the story of Lord Buddha's ten lives. The temple has a beautiful Thai-style stupa and the main image of the temple is made from gold. You can also see a reproduction of the footprint of Lord Buddha. This temple is the same temple where Prince Chinnaworasiriwat was staying when he was a monk. Today the temple houses the ashes of the prince's mother.More....


Wat Sing:

Pathum Thani Travel Guide : Wat Sing
      Wat Sing is located on the west bank of Chao Phraya River and is the first Mon-style temple of Pathum Thani. It is around 3 kilometers from the town and houses a gold covered image of Lord Buddha and a reclining Buddha image. More....



Pathum Thani Travel Guide :


    Widely acclaimed as the educational and technology hub of Thailand, Pathum Thani Province is located on the low alluvial plains of Chao Phraya River. This region is located on the northern side of Bangkok. Quite a number of universities, research agencies and industrial parks are spread over the entire region. Besides this, Pathum Thani is also a historical place containing plenty of canals and orange plantations. More...


Wat Chedi Hoi

Pathum Thani Travel Guide : Wat Chedi Hoi


      Wat Chedi Hoi is a small monastery located in Bo Ngoen village of Lat Lum Kaeo district in Pathum Thani province. It is around 18 kilometers from the town and visitors are amazed when they visit this monastery.

      On visiting Wat Chedi Hoi, visitors find thousands oyster shells have been piled together to form a pagoda. The shells date back to 8 million years and each shell weighs around one kilogram. The shells are called Hoi in Thai language and that is how the monastery got its temple.

      The oyster shells were discovered accidentally during the construction of the temple during 1983. And, the excavation continued for another 12 years uncovering more and more shells, some of them are a foot long. More...


Wat Phailom

Pathum Thani Travel Guide : Wat Phailom

        Wat Phailom is a monastery that is located on the east bank of Chao Phraya River in the district of Sam Khok. This monastery was constructed during the Sukhothai era and if you are a nature lover, you will love this place. The monastery is a known place for open-bill storks who fly all the way from Siberia and come here each year in November to mate, lay eggs and rear their young ones. The storks stay here until their chicks are old enough fly back with them and this migration usually takes place in the month of June. More...






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