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Bangkok Tourist Info

Bangkok Tourist Info :
       Bangkok Province, the capital city of Thailand is the prime tourist attraction for both domestic and international travellers. Bubbling with life, this modern metropolis is a paradise for young, vibrant tourists. The attractive mega malls, More....

Floating Markets Of Bangkok 
Floating Markets Of Bangkok :
     Floating markets in Bangkok are still important commercial centers for those people who live along the banks of canals More....



Pattaya Travel Information


      Pattaya is popular for the activities it can offer tourists. This one time tiny fishing village has been dubbed the Jewel of the East Coast for a reason.

       Pattaya is just 145 kilometers southeast of Bangkok. If one feels they can go to Pattaya for a day trip from Bangkok. However, most tourists are so taken up by Pattaya and the activities it has to offer, that they prefer staying there for a much longer duration.

       No other beach resort can offer the vibrant lifestyle of Pattaya. It is simply in a class of its own. The profusion of attractions in Pattaya is far more than what is offered in any other city in Southeast Asia. Life for a tourist in Pattaya is never dull, whether it is day or night, there is always something going on.

        Pattaya has many thrills and spills for all kinds of visitors. There are plenty of activities to keep children happy and occupied; there is something for sports enthusiasts to indulge in; people can just rest and relax; others who are interested in swimming and tanning have number of beaches to choose from.

       Pattaya has managed to develop itself into a city for international visitors. While most beach resorts depend solely on their natural surroundings, Pattaya has gone ahead and made an attempt to provide the best of everything to tourists and visitors. It offers an ever changing kaleidoscope of enjoyment and thrills.

       This unique city is definitely more than what a visitor can wish for. And after spending a week in Pattaya, the time may still feel like too little and your heart will yearn to stay longer.

Pattaya Travel Information




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