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Phichit Tourist Attractions: Bun Si Fai

Bun Si Fai  :
    One of the most ancient and historically significant provinces located in the northern region of Thailand is Phichit. Spread over an area of 4531 square kilometers, this beautiful province shares its borders with Phitsanulok on the north, Phetchabun on the east, Nakhon Sawan on the south and Kamphaeng Phet on the west.More....

Phichit Tourist Attractions: Wat Nakhon Chum 

Wat Nakhon Chum :
    Situated in the northern part of Thailand, the beautiful province of Phichit is also an important religious destination better known for its various sacred Buddhist monasteries. One such important Buddhist monastery that is worth a visit is the Wat Nakhon Chum. More....



Phichit Tourist Attractions:

Utthayan Mueang Kao Phichit 

    Situated 345 kilometers from the capital city of Bangkok, Phichit is one of the most ancient provinces of Thailand. The province is better known as the “Land of Crocodiles”.


      Located in the lower northern part of the country, this province spreads over an area of 4,531 square kilometers and is known to contain various attractive tourist destinations that are worth a visit. One such place is the Utthayan Mueang Kao Phichit.

      At this place, one can get acquainted with the history of Phichit province. Utthayan Mueang Kao Phichit is an ancient town that is located on the banks of Nan River and whose history dates back to more than 900 years as per the archaeological excavations that were done at this place. The entire area has been renovated and developed into a historical park where visitors can have a glimpse of the old town that contains structures that were built during the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya periods.

      The most interesting part of this ancient town is that it was originally situated elsewhere during the Sukhothai period. It was known as Muang Sa Luang during that period and was present on the original banks of Nan River, As the time passed, the river changed its course. Similarly, the town was then relocated to the new river bank in the year 1881 during the reign of King Rama V. The entire town is surrounded by city walls and moats. Present inside the boundaries of the town are several structures that are in a dilapidated state but provide a glimpse of culture, traditions and lifestyle of people who lived during the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya periods. One major attraction inside the Utthayan Muean Kao Phichit is Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat, a Buddhist monastery that is located at the center of the town.

      Utthayan Mueang Kao Phichit is located 7 kilometers from the Phichit town on the Phichit-Wang Chick road.  


Phichit Tourist Attractions: Utthayan Mueang Kao Phichit





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